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  • Accounts Payable & Vendor management

    Accounts Payable & Vendor management

    Automate the accounts payable process using it and manage your vendors smartly by providing on-time responses.

  • Cash & Bank Management

    Cash & Bank Management

    Cash & bank management can help you in maintaining the legal entities and any financial instruments linked to the account.

  • Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collection

    Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collection

    It will enable you to keep the track of the accounts and send alerts on the payments due and collect the credit on time

  • General Ledger, Budgeting, Financial Reporting

    General Ledger, Budgeting, Financial Reporting

    Set up, export, modify, and manage all the budget reporting using general ledger along with the budgeting feature and prepare the precise report at the end.

  • Consolidation, Elimination & Group Reporting

    Consolidation, Elimination & Group Reporting

    Streamline your consolidation and reporting process by using the features and enhance the flexibility of your business.

  • GST, Taxation and Statutory reporting

    GST, Taxation and Statutory reporting

    Enter the GST values and manage the taxation and reporting collecting accurate data from the right sources.

  • Australian Localisations

    Australian Localisations

    The localization portal helps you get the local features of Microsoft Dynamics including any regulatory reports or documents.

  • Multi-Currency, Multi-Company, Multi-site / Locations

    Multi-Currency, Multi-Company, Multi-site / Locations

    Get the real-time view of all the consolidations and maintain them by keeping all the information from all the sites of your business in different types of currencies.

  • Expense Management

    Expense Management

    You can completely take over the control of expenses and automate the process to manage all the bills smoothly.

  • Fixed Assets Management

    Fixed Assets Management

    Manage all of the fixed assets of the company from the allocation to the depreciation process. You can also calculate the adjustments and dispose of them if needed.

  • Procurement & Sourcing

    Procurement & Sourcing

    Find the sources through the resourceful data and then deliver the products on time by scheduling it in advance.

  • Product Information Management

    Product Information Management

    All the information can be stored in a system and can be accessed by anyone with permission and can handle the product as per the need.

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Locate the products in any location through the system by accessing all the information relevant to each asset you need to process further.

  • Cost Account and Management

    Cost Account and Management

    Manage the complete process from the initial stages to finishing of the goods. Also, deal with the costs accounts without any troubles.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Control, store, and manage all the finances, assets, resources and above all the products and services through inventory management.

  • Material Resource Planning / Master Planning

    Material Resource Planning / Master Planning

    Synchronizes the flow of materials and eases the process of decision-based on different factors of supply chain and demand.

  • Sales and Marketing

    Sales and Marketing

    Work on better marketing strategies daily and make improved and better decisions about fulfilling the need of the market.

  • Service management

    Service management

    Managers can seamlessly provide the services regarding all the agreements, customer inquiries, or any other deliveries.

  • Transport management

    Transport management

    Streamline the delivery process by planning and executing it as it is the requirement of the process.

  • Warehouse Management

    Warehouse Management

    Handle the warehouse from the movements to the storage of the material and ensure the delivery right on the time.

  • Production Process

    Production Process

    Streamline all your processes of the production and keep checking all of your details considering the lines, methods, techniques, or results of the process.

  • Mixed Mode Planning: Combine discrete, process & lean sourcing

    Mixed Mode Planning: Combine discrete, process & lean sourcing

    Model planning helps you model the supply chain considering the material flow and it makes sure that material flow follows the selected supply policy.

  • Managing subcontracting work in production

    Managing subcontracting work in production

    Manage subcontracting work and all the operations together.

  • Production Master Data

    Production Master Data

    Store all the necessary information in one system and one can access anytime with the accessibility permission. Large organisations can benefit from managing huge data with ease.

  • Schedule Production operations

    Schedule Production operations

    Handle the production schedule using the proper production operations system.

  • Operate Production Jobs

    Operate Production Jobs

    You can have full control over the production jobs, the assignments, and changing the schedules as you need them.

  • Time and Attendance Registration

    Time and Attendance Registration

    The system allows an organization to be in control by managing the work-force and checking up on the time and attendance, etc.

  • Manage financials in production

    Manage financials in production

    Have a real-time view of the insights and manage all the finances associated with the production process. Invoices, bills and resources all are managed through a single dashboard.

  • Lean Manufacturing

    Lean Manufacturing

    Gather the insights about all the machinery, equipment collectively from the sources and then decide on the ones to keep for better results and the ones to put out as waste.

  • Process Manufacturing

    Process Manufacturing

    The feature allows you to automate the process of manufacturing by letting you produce the products as required.

  • Fulfil Service Agreements

    Fulfil Service Agreements

    You can check up the agreements and view all the contracts through this feature and act and accordingly.

  • Handle Customer Inquiries

    Handle Customer Inquiries

    Customers are valuable assets for any organization, using this feature allows you to easily manage the inquiries and respond to everyone on time with accurate information.

  • Manage Service Agreements

    Manage Service Agreements

    Managing service agreements is no more a time taking a job as you can use it and protect both parties considering all the important factors.

  • Service Orders

    Service Orders

    Service order contains the hours of work and the technician is supposed to perform it by keeping related items, fees, and expenses in mind.

  • Dispatch Board

    Dispatch Board

    It is the board to view all the statuses about all service orders. Managers can filter and view the activities under the specific date and request changes.

  • Service Order reports (margins etc.)

    Service Order reports (margins etc.)

    Run multiple reports for the service orders and manage all of the reports by modifying and checking for errors if there are any.

  • Work Description

    Work Description

    Describe the work in detail before assigning it to each technician. They can catch up from there and keep working simultaneously.

  • Transaction - Subscription

    Transaction - Subscription

    Manage all the transactions and subscriptions through a single click. Also, authorize and manage the subscriptions in a most simple way.

  • Subscription Fees Transactions

    Subscription Fees Transactions

    Manage and approve all the subscription fee transaction using this and authorizing them with the approval by the customer.

  • Projects Types (Fixed Price, Investment, Cost, Internal, Time)

    Projects Types (Fixed Price, Investment, Cost, Internal, Time)

    You can select the project types simply by using them and it can be against each project to organize the projects.

  • Project Quotations, Project Resourcing

    Project Quotations, Project Resourcing

    Managers can plan the project through this considering the accurate quotations based on the required resources for each project.

  • Project Purchase & Sales Orders

    Project Purchase & Sales Orders

    Create the purchase or sales orders following the simple steps and manage each through the serial number associating with a particular project.

  • Project Cost accruals, Project Invoicing, Project Contracts,

    Project Cost accruals, Project Invoicing, Project Contracts,

    Manage the project accruals and send alerts if needed and also handle all the contracts or invoices/customer credits in a single window.

  • Work Breakdown Structure,

    Work Breakdown Structure,

    Manage workflows to approve and assign the tasks to the team according to the requirements of work. View and control all the modifications during the process.

  • Project Forecasts & Project Budgets

    Project Forecasts & Project Budgets

    Organizations that focus on revenue and cost must use it to handle specific transactions. and keeping track of all financial transactions in a record.

  • Intercompany projects & Invoicing

    Intercompany projects & Invoicing

    This is to create the lending legal entity for the borrowing entity. After posting and approval of the cost, the borrowing entity will receive back the intercompany invoice by the lending legal entity.

  • Project Standard & Actual Costs for Labour and Expenses

    Project Standard & Actual Costs for Labour and Expenses

    Measure all the project standards or other expenses associated with employees effectively and accurately.

  • Projects Budgeting and reporting

    Projects Budgeting and reporting

    Ease the job of financial specialists as they need to manage budgets and report the expenses along with the profits at the same time.

  • Project & Service Management integration

    Project & Service Management integration

    The lifecycle of the project and all the roles for the integration process can be set using it and organize the project.

Payroll Reporting

Payroll Reporting

Single Touch Payroll

Employee Separation & Final Settlement

Employee Separation
& Final Settlement

Australia & New Zealand Taxation

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Financial Integration

Financial Integration

Wages / Salary & Benefits Assignment

Wages / Salary & Benefits Assignment

Time Sheet
& Rostering

Leave Management

Leave Management

Payroll Calculation & Processing

Payroll Calculations
& Processing

Payroll Reporting

Payroll Reporting

Single Touch Payroll

Employee Separation & Final Settlement

Employee Separation
& Final Settlement

Australia & New Zealand Taxation

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Financial Integration

Financial Integration

Wages / Salary & Benefits Assignment

Wages / Salary & Benefits Assignment

Time Sheet
& Rostering

Leave Management

Leave Management

Payroll Calculation & Processing

Payroll Calculations
& Processing

HR & Payroll Features:

  • Training and Development

    Training and Development

    Human resources training and development management is an essential aspect of all businesses.

  • Employee Self Service

    Employee Self Service

    Reduce costs with a cloud-based HR and payroll software Using a cloud-based employee self-service system.

  • Integration With Recruitment Websites

    Integration With Recruitment Websites

    In Conjunction with our Partner JobAdder, we are able to provide an intelligent recruitment software.

  • Manpower Planning

    Manpower Planning

    Dynamics Payroll allows your organisation to perform manpower planning through budgeted and non-budgeted positions. 

  • Competency Management

    Competency Management

    Dynamics Payroll provides detailed infrastructure for a competency-based performance management system.

  • Performance Management

    Performance Management

    Dynamics Human resources provide a dynamic and detailed infrastructure for performance management which is fully integrated with Payroll.

  • Organisational Health & Safety

    Organisational Health & Safety

    By Unifying Dynamics 365 CRM & EPR capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together, combining Sales & Marketing, Field Service, Project Service Automation, Financials & Customer Service.

  • Recruitment Management

    Recruitment Management

    Dynamics Payroll Recruitment Management software allows the user to perform the systematic recruitment and selection process completely online and visible to all key stakeholders.

  • Employee Administration

    Employee Administration

    Employee Management is one of the many important factors for businesses. 

  • Learning Management System 365

    Learning Management System 365

    In conjunction with our partners, we are now offering a Learning Management System in addition to our Training & Development feature. 

  • Payroll Reporting

    Payroll Reporting

    With the introduction of DHRP’s inbuilt dashboards, you are able to view real-time business Intelligence & Human Resource data analytics all in one centralised location.

  • Single Touch Payroll

    Single Touch Payroll

    Single Touch Payroll, also known as STP is the new way of reporting tax and super information to the ATO

  • Employee Separation & Final Settlement

    Employee Separation & Final Settlement

    Allows both the employer and employee to manage resignation and exit interviews with access to information all in one place. 

  • Australia & New Zealand Taxation

    Australia & New Zealand Taxation

    Dynamics Human Resource & payroll is a fully integrated taxation system and complies with their respective national regulations.

  • Time & Attendance

    Time & Attendance

    Time and Attendance management is continually improving, DHRP’s cloud attendance machine is helping to improve time and attendance within the organisation. 

  • Financial Integration

    Financial Integration

    When there are inefficiencies in businesses, especially their Human Resource processes, it is a cause for concern.

  • Wages / Salary & Benefits Assignment

    Wages / Salary & Benefits Assignment

    Dynamics Payroll management system, superannuation and other benefits calculated.

  • Time Sheet & Rostering

    Time Sheet & Rostering

    Using the cloud-based rostering software, your employees can see their shifts in advance through the rostering application.

  • Leave Management

    Leave Management

    Leave Management, is the set of processes and steps in taking that helps to control every aspect of your employee leave within your business.

  • Payroll Calculations & Processing

    Payroll Calculations & Processing

    When it comes to selecting a payroll system, it is very important to ensure you choose the system that best fits your processes and capabilities. 

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  • Employee travel and expense

    Employee travel and expense

  • Job Posting:

    Job Posting:

    Easily create and publish job openings.

  • Resume Parsing:

    Resume Parsing:

    Automatically extract relevant information from resumes.

  • Collaborative Hiring:

    Collaborative Hiring:

    Enable multiple stakeholders to participate in the hiring process.

  • Interview Scheduling:

    Interview Scheduling:

    Streamline the scheduling of candidate interviews.

  • Candidate Database:

    Candidate Database:

    Maintain a database of potential candidates for future roles.

  • Analytics and Reporting:

    Analytics and Reporting:

    Generate reports on recruitment metrics for data-driven decision-making.

  • Onboarding Portal:

    Onboarding Portal:

    After the candidate has been hired and has accepted the offer letter, the onboarding portal for the candidate is unlocked.

  • Customizable Workflows:

    Customizable Workflows:

    Tailor recruitment processes to fit organisational needs.

  • Compliance Management:

    Compliance Management:

    Ensure adherence to legal and industry-specific hiring regulations.

  • Digital Onboarding Forms:

    Digital Onboarding Forms:

    Facilitate the completion of necessary paperwork online.

  • Training Modules:

    Training Modules:

    Provide onboarding training materials for new hires.

  • Employee Handbook Access:

    Employee Handbook Access:

    Give new employees easy access to company policies.

  • Task Checklists:

    Task Checklists:

    Create and monitor onboarding task lists for HR and new hires.

  • Integration with HR Systems:

    Integration with HR Systems:

     Seamlessly transfer data from recruitment to onboarding.

  • Orientation Schedule:

    Orientation Schedule:

    Outline a schedule for new employees to get acclimated.

  • Buddy System:

    Buddy System:

    Facilitate mentorship by pairing new hires with experienced employees.

  • Feedback Mechanism:

    Feedback Mechanism:

    Collect feedback from new employees to improve the onboarding process.

  • IT Setup Automation:

    IT Setup Automation:

    Streamline the provisioning of necessary tools and accounts.

  • Compliance Training Tracking:

    Compliance Training Tracking:

    Ensure new employees complete mandatory compliance training.

  • Course Creation:

    Course Creation:

    Develop and upload various training modules and courses.

  • User Progress Tracking:

    User Progress Tracking:

    Develop and upload various training modules and courses.

  • Assessment and Quizzes:

    Assessment and Quizzes:

    Include assessments to gauge understanding and knowledge retention.

  • Certification Management:

    Certification Management:

    Track and manage employee certifications and training completion.

  • Mobile Accessibility:

    Mobile Accessibility:

    Access learning materials on various devices.

  • Collaborative Learning:

    Collaborative Learning:

    Enable discussions and collaboration among employees in training.

  • Skill Gap Analysis:

    Skill Gap Analysis:

    Identify gaps in employee skills and recommend relevant training.

  • Integration with HR:

    Integration with HR:

    Link learning achievements with employee profiles for comprehensive records.

  • Gamification Elements:

    Gamification Elements:

    Add gamified features to enhance engagement in training programs.

  • Reporting and Analytics:

    Reporting and Analytics:

    Generate reports on training effectiveness and employee development.

  • Shift Planning:

    Shift Planning:

    Create and manage employee schedules efficiently.

  • Availability Tracking:

    Availability Tracking:

    Collect and consider employee availability when creating schedules.

  • Automated Scheduling:

    Automated Scheduling:

    Utilise algorithms to optimise shift assignments based on various factors.

  • Overtime Monitoring:

    Overtime Monitoring:

    Track and manage employee overtime to ensure compliance.

  • Shift Swap and Request:

    Shift Swap and Request:

    Allow employees to request shift changes or swaps.

  • Real-time Updates:

    Real-time Updates:

    Provide instant updates to employees about schedule changes.

  • Cost Management:

    Cost Management:

    Analyse labour costs associated with different scheduling scenarios.

  • Compliance with Labor Laws:

    Compliance with Labor Laws:

    Ensure schedules comply with labour regulations.

  • Integration with Timekeeping:

    Integration with Timekeeping:

    Seamlessly integrate rostering with time and attendance systems.

  • Communication Tools:

    Communication Tools:

    Facilitate communication between managers and employees regarding schedules.

  • Personal Information Update:

    Personal Information Update:

    Allow employees to update personal details on the go.

  • Payroll Information Access:

    Payroll Information Access:

    Provide easy access to pay stubs, tax forms, and salary information.

  • Leave Requests:

    Leave Requests:

    Enable employees to request and track leave through the app.

  • Attendance Tracking:

    Attendance Tracking:

    Allow employees to clock in/out and track attendance.

  • Training Access:

    Training Access:

    Access training materials and complete courses from the app.

  • Performance Feedback:

    Performance Feedback:

    Provide a platform for employees to view performance feedback.

  • Communication Hub:

    Communication Hub:

    Offer a central space for company announcements and updates.

  • Expense Submission:

    Expense Submission:

    Submit and track business-related expenses through the app.

  • Wellness Programs:

    Wellness Programs:

    Access information and resources related to employee wellness programs.

  • Push Notifications:

    Push Notifications:

    Send alerts and reminders for important HR-related events and tasks.

  • Goal Setting:

    Goal Setting:

    Collaboratively set and track individual and team goals.

  • 360-Degree Feedback:

    360-Degree Feedback:

    Collect feedback from peers, subordinates, and managers.

  • Continuous Feedback:

    Continuous Feedback:

    Facilitate ongoing performance discussions between employees and managers.

  • Self-Assessment:


    Allow employees to evaluate their own performance.

  • Skill Development Plans:

    Skill Development Plans:

    Create plans for improving specific skills based on performance reviews.

  • Performance Ratings:

    Performance Ratings:

    Implement a standardised rating system for evaluations.

  • Recognition and Rewards:

    Recognition and Rewards:

    Integrate a system for acknowledging and rewarding exceptional performance.

  • Performance Analytics:

    Performance Analytics:

    Generate reports on individual and team performance metrics.

  • Development Opportunities:

    Development Opportunities:

    Recommend training and development opportunities based on performance.

  • Succession Planning:

    Succession Planning:

    Identify and nurture employees for future leadership roles.

  • Real-time Financial Data Integration:

    Real-time Financial Data Integration:

    Connect with financial systems for up-to-date information.

  • Scenario Analysis:

    Scenario Analysis:

    Model different financial scenarios to assess their impact on cash flow.

  • Expense Tracking:

    Expense Tracking:

    Monitor and categorise expenses to understand their impact on cash flow.

  • Revenue Projections:

    Revenue Projections:

    Forecast future revenues based on historical data and market trends.

  • Budget vs. Actual Analysis:

    Budget vs. Actual Analysis:

    Compare planned budgets with actual financial performance.

  • Automated Reporting:

    Automated Reporting:

    Generate regular reports on cash flow status and trends.

  • Sensitivity Analysis:

    Sensitivity Analysis:

    Assess the sensitivity of cash flow to changes in key variables.

  • Cash Position Alerts:

    Cash Position Alerts:

    Receive alerts for critical changes in cash position.

  • Vendor Payment Planning:

    Vendor Payment Planning:

    Strategically plan vendor payments to optimise cash flow.

  • Integration with Banking:

    Integration with Banking:

    Connect with banking systems for real-time transaction data.

  • Project Budgeting:

    Project Budgeting:

    Create and manage budgets for individual projects

  • Resource Allocation:

    Resource Allocation:

    Efficiently allocate resources based on project needs.

  • Timeline Planning:

    Timeline Planning:

    Develop and track project timelines and milestones.

  • Risk Management:

    Risk Management:

    Identify and assess potential risks that could impact project outcomes.

  • Collaborative Project Planning:

    Collaborative Project Planning:

    Enable collaboration among project teams in real-time.

  • Progress Tracking:

    Progress Tracking:

    Monitor the progress of projects against established milestones.

  • Cost Tracking:

    Cost Tracking:

    Track project expenses and compare them with the budget.

  • Performance Analytics:

    Performance Analytics:

    Analyse key performance indicators for project success.

  • Forecasting Tools:

    Forecasting Tools:

    Utilise algorithms to predict project outcomes and potential issues.

  • Client Collaboration:

    Client Collaboration:

    Facilitate communication and collaboration with clients on project details.


  • Secure electronic signature

    Secure electronic signature

    Secure electronic signature capabilities for all types of electronic documents

  • Document management

    Document management

    Document management and storage within Dynamics 365 CRM & SharePoint

  • User-friendly interface

    User-friendly interface

    User-friendly interface for signing and managing electronic documents.

  • Integration with existing D365 CRM

    Integration with existing D365 CRM

    Integration with existing Dynamics 365 CRM workflows and data

  • Access control and security measures

    Access control and security measures

    Access control and security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of signed documents.

  • Complete control over settings

    Complete control over settings

    Complete control over settings and security of the application

  • Vendor Information Management:

    Vendor Information Management:

    Collect and store essential vendor details.

  • Compliance Verification:

    Compliance Verification:

    Ensure vendors comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Document Submission:

    Document Submission:

    Allow vendors to submit necessary documentation for onboarding.

  • Risk Assessment:

    Risk Assessment:

    Evaluate potential risks associated with vendor partnerships.

  • Performance Metrics:

    Performance Metrics:

    Track and analyse vendor performance over time.

  • Communication Platform:

    Communication Platform:

    Provide a platform for communication between the organisation and vendors.

  • Automated Approval Workflows:

    Automated Approval Workflows:

    Streamline the approval process for new vendors.

  • Integration with Procurement:

    Integration with Procurement:

    Connect with procurement systems for seamless vendor management.

  • Training Resources

    Training Resources

    Offer resources and training to vendors on organisational policies and procedures.

  • Audit Trails:

    Audit Trails:

    Maintain detailed records of vendor onboarding processes for auditing purposes.

  • Transaction Data Integration:

    Transaction Data Integration:

    Connect with banks to import and synchronise transaction data.

  • Real-time Account Balances:

    Real-time Account Balances:

    Provide up-to-date information on account balances.

  • Transaction Categorization

    Transaction Categorization

    Automatically categorise transactions for accurate financial reporting.

  • Payment Initiation

    Payment Initiation

    Initiate and track payments directly from the system.

  • Multi-Bank Support:

    Multi-Bank Support:

    Connect with multiple banks to manage accounts from different institutions.

  • Security Protocols

    Security Protocols

     Implement robust security measures for secure data transmission.

  • Cash Flow Monitoring

    Cash Flow Monitoring

    Monitor and analyse cash flow based on real-time banking data.

  • Reconciliation Tools

    Reconciliation Tools

    Streamline the reconciliation process between internal records and bank statements.

  • Alerts for Unusual Activities:

    Alerts for Unusual Activities:

    Receive alerts for suspicious or unusual banking activities.

  • Budget Integration

    Budget Integration

    Integrate banking data with budgeting tools for comprehensive financial management.

Our Services:

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DHRP Consulting is an Australian-owned and operated organisation set up in 1993 by a collection of experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts. DHRP’s central vision is to convey best-in-class and competitive consulting engagements and project management.

Our Process:

Schedule a Call

We discuss over the phone/email about your business needs and plan a meeting.

Project Initiation

Start a general discussion about your HR & Payroll needs, what we can offer for your business and which would an ideal solution for your organisation

Understanding Requirements

We acknowledge every business is different, that not all organisations need the same features, company policies, or position descriptions. All of these can be determined with a meeting with our professionals.

Data Migration

With our complex plan and requirements from previous meetings, we can minimise the risks taken to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible. We make this process so seamless you don’t have to worry about any data loss


At this stage of the process, we start by verifying the functionality of your ERP solution during the implementation process. This ensures that the system you are implementing is operating at full capacity before you launch.

User Training

This is one of the most important aspects in our implementation, we offer specialised training for all of your team. So that we can ensure you reach the full potential of the software, we will be available for assistance as you become to learn about the system

Go Live

Your new system is officially and formally available to users.


Just because you are now live with your software, we haven’t gone anywhere. we are still available to support you. If there is any issue with your software we will be there at every step to make sure it is fixed and running to full capacity.

Our Partners & Clients:

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