Time Sheet & Rostering

Employees can see their shifts in advance through the Rostering app .

Powerful Staff Rostering Software to Increase Scheduling Accuracy & Efficiency

Powerful Staff Rostering System 

Using cloud-based rostering software, your employees can see their shifts in advance through the Rostering app. Plus, when you set predetermined capacity level hours, days and weeks in advance. You ensure you don’t inadvertently overbook any individual, or assign overtime when it’s unnecessary.

Rostering can be the most time-consuming task for HR Managers, it can result in errors, mistakes as well as poor management of staff when manually entered, putting not only your business at risk of loss but potentially losing employees. 

Time Sheet & Rostering

With an automated system, define and enforcing rostering becomes simplified and easy to manage. Providing everyone with more visibility to timesheet & rostering.

Instead of manually writing up rosters and making continuous updates to accommodate shift change requests from staff, Using employee rostering software will help benefit your rostering processes. DHRP provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, removing the unwanted manual tasks of timesheeting and rostering staff. With our feature, you have access to real-time data, allowing employers more control and visibility over their staff.

Increase visibility and efficiency in your business through our intelligent staff scheduling and rostering

  • Makes it easy to set up new schedules.
  • Adapting to last-minute shift changes.
  • medical staff scheduling
  • Makes it easier to comply with Awards and penalty rates.
  • Uses real-time staff availability.
  • Records hours worked with ease.
  • healthcare staff scheduling
  • Calculates correct pay.
  • Captures employees’ requests for time off or unavailable time.
  • Monitors daily labour costs.
  • Prevents under and overstaffing. With a cloud-based rostering system you can align your staffing schedules and shift coverage with forecasted customer demand.
  • construction staff scheduling software
  • Maximises shift allocation.  Using data and reporting, you can analyse where changes to shift allocation or the staffing mix may help you to reduce your wages bill.
  • Integrates with Payroll on time, with accurate pays.

Smart, Online Employee Scheduling Software:

  • Artificial intelligence automated rostering capability.
  • Live and costed labour forecasting.
  • Simple drag and drop interface.
  • Regular shift pattern management with alerts and workflows.
  • Live KPI data including labour cost, labour efficiency, overtime and hours forecast.
  • The multi-site rostering system with added efficiency tools.