Time & Attendance

Time attendance management system helps to remove manual data entry errors

Time & Attendance Management System

Employee Clocking System

In fact, with our live real-time attendance feed, you can observe clock-ins, clock outs, breaks and absence. Time Sheets will now record and automatically enter data into your payroll process. DHRP’s time clock provides managers and employers with real-time data, about employees shifts, who is clocked in, or on break. The Employee Clocking system allows for managers to monitor employees time & attendance information.

Employee Self Service

With Employer & Employee self-service tools, You have access from mobile devices to request a wide range of information ranging from maternity to sick leave. Due to the ease of access you can ask, it makes this process seamless. DHRP ensures that your data is transferred seamlessly into your payroll system to ensure that manual entry is not required.

  • DHRP allows for synchronisation of data across all tasks from rostering to time and attendance and payroll.
  • Real-time data visibility of the employee self-service system, allowing managers to view changes instantly 
  • Never waste time or risk errors with paper timesheets and manual data entry.
  • Easily access payroll reports.
  • Only pay for the hours recorded by the time clock.

Dynamics HR & Payroll offers a flexible calendar management system which includes off days & public holiday integration with the payroll module. Multiple ways to enter time registrations Integration with Attendance Machine

Biometric Facial Recognition

Our time and attendance solution are fully integrated with cloud-based biometric time clocks, fingerprint, and face recognition attendance machines.

DHRP has incorported facial recognition technolgy to help ensure that when your business is captruing time and attendance data, that the data is reliable and secure. Regardless of what you use to capture time and cloud time attendences, it will be available for your business, including time clocks, tablets & mobile devices.


  • Logins or PINs are not needed, which are occasionally forgotten or shared with other employees.
  • Remove the issue of employees losing time & attendance cards with online time and attendance software 
  • Helps to remove the possibility for time theft, incorrect data and clocking in for someone else.

In conclusion, time and attendance is an integral part of any business. With an automated system, it allows your organisation to spend less time on payroll. By upgrading to an integrated system, the company can cut their time by up to 70%.