10 Ways Sharepoint Can Boost Employee Engagement In The Workplace


Building the community is one thing, but getting people to engage with each other through the platform requires more effort and time. SharePoint is one of the platforms that bridge the gap of communication in organizations. All you need is to use it right, and the trick is to help your employees adopt it.  In […]

7 Reasons to Upgrade from AX 2012 to D365 F&SCM

upgrade to dynamics 365

The world of business moves quickly, and technology must keep up. As Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012’s support cycle expires, businesses must make a critical decision. Make a choice: either continue using an out-of-date system or migrate to the dynamic, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Upgrading may be challenging, but the benefits exceed the challenges. […]

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Electronic Reporting

d365 finance

We are all aware of the fact that Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain is the cloud evolution of Dynamics AX. Therefore, reporting has completely changed, and business users need a new process and steps to ensure electronic reporting success. However, there are different ways to use electronic reporting for each module, from Power BI to Office 365, so you […]

Questions to Ask Before Investing in Your Next Dynamics 365 Add-On Solution

BarTender and label integration in Dynamics 365

When we talk about ERPs and CRMs, businesses know that they need to streamline the processes, and having one solution may not be enough when scaling. Yes, dynamics 365 offers a full package, but when we require tailored-based solutions, we often need to add some extensions for smoother processing. We do it with our phones […]

The Future Of Manufacturing With Dynamics 365 Finance And Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance And Operations

The data and connected revolution represent the most recent wave of innovation known as Industry 4.0. Whereas we envisioned a future with factories focused on digital, robot-driven production floors, the reality now encompasses the entire manufacturing ecosystem – incorporating workers, processes, machines, data, and customers – all beyond the imagination. Right now, Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and […]

The Ultimate Guide to HR Compliance in New Zealand in 2024

HR Compliance

In 2024, the laws about workplace safety, paid family medical leave, and workers’ rights are always changing and evolving. Recognizing these shifts is crucial for ensuring HR compliance and guiding your organization through this dynamic landscape. So, you have to understand that this will affect the way your organization operates.  Given all of these changes, […]

Add Logging to SysAdmin Role Assignments in Dynamics 365 Finance

d365 finance

Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations is by far the most useful ERP system for businesses. Its capabilities are designed to empower enterprises and streamline their operations at every step. However, a crucial aspect of the system is managing Dynamics 365 Finance administration of users accessing and security roles. In this article, we will talk about […]

The Microsoft Exchange Server hack Timeline

The Microsoft Exchange Server hack Timeline

In Jan 2021, a global wave of cyberattacks and data breaches began after four zero-day exploits were discovered in on-premises Microsoft Exchange Servers. The result of these attacks ended in granting them full access to affected servers, user email passwords, and other details.  Microsoft detected the attack on March 2, 2021, when they had to […]

Future Scope of Microsoft Azure [Top Trends in 2024]

Top 10 Security Deployment Actions with Azure

Microsoft Azure has become the most significant tool for businesses as it is now one of the leading cloud platforms. It offers an extensive range of services along with great features for scaling business as per modern customer needs. Besides, as the technology continues to advance, you must stay updated about Microsoft Azure’s latest trends […]

Dynamics 365 Finance Tax Calculation – A Comprehensive Guide

Tax Calculation

Tax calculation is one of the most overwhelming tasks. We get it; it is a boring subject to even consider. However, you cannot ignore that it is a significant aspect of every business; otherwise, the authorities will come knocking at your doors. You don’t want it. So, when it comes to taxes, there is a […]